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How Your Limiting Self-Beliefs Affect Your Relationships!

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Have you ever felt that happiness, joy and contentment have left your life? How many times have you thought that you don’t deserve love? Or, do you think that all the good ones are taken and you are only left with the person nobody wanted to have?

Of course, if you start believing this, you are going to be unhappy even if you have found the perfect partner.

These beliefs end up changing your perception towards life. If you think nothing good will happen to you, why would it? Even if it does, you will not be ready to accept the fact that something good can happen to you. Do you understand where we are going with this?

3 Ways Limiting Self-Beliefs Affect Your Relationship!

1. They Don't Let You Open up to Love

Once you have made up your mind that either you are not good enough or your partner is not good enough, the relationship can’t be perfect. Let alone perfect, you will not appreciate what your partner is doing for you. Neither will you put in an effort. Until you open up to love and let it sink in, you can’t do justice to your relationship.

2. You May Think That You Don’t Have the Best Partner

When you let your self-beliefs tell you that you don’t deserve the best and good things can’t happen to you, you start doubting your partner. Anything he/she does seems like a big question mark on your relationship.

3. Communication Gap

People with limiting self-beliefs don’t even realize they have them. Thus, they don’t talk it out. There is no communication with their partner and they keep drifting apart. So much so, the relationship becomes toxic and you can not pinpoint what the issue exactly is all about.

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